Types Of Dragonfly Fishing Lures

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One of the flying insects that populates our rivers and ponds is the dragonfly. It emerges during the summer days when the water is low. The insect likes to fly around water lilies and weeds. It is also a delicacy among specific types of fish. They wait for it to fly close to the surface of the water and then bite it in one swift motion.

What Is A DragonFly Lure?

Due to the attraction of fish to this insect, fishermen have come up with the ingenious idea of creating lures that look like dragonflies called dragonfly lures or dragonfly fishing lures. They are simply bait that looks exactly like a dragonfly, down to the finest detail, tricking the fish into biting them.

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6 Different Dragonfly Lures

Just as there are different species of dragonflies, there are also unique types of dragonfly lures. Examples of these include the damselfly, saltwater dragonfly, dragonfly nymph and dragon king lures.

These unique types of lures are designed to catch specfic types of fish that enjoy each dragon species. Hence, if you are going fishing with dragonfly lures, it is important to know which type of dragonfly that your target fish species enjoys.

Which Fish Prefer Dragonfly Lures?

There are many species of fish today, some being saltwater and others freshwater. Out of these, there are certain types that enjoy eating dragonflies. Examples of such fish are panfish, bass, salmon, trout, crappies, catfish and bluegills. Hence, when they see a dragonfly lure jigging upon the surface of the water, they will bite it and end up on your line.

dragonfly being caught by fish!

Brands Of Dragonfly Lures

To satisfy the demand of dragonfly lures by modern anglers, there are various brands who produce them. Examples of these are MNFT, LIFEFLY, DRAGONPING and MAXWAY FISHING. Another company that is well known for producing dragonfly lures is Rosewood Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd.

They produce a brand of dragonfly lures that is known as ROSEWOOD. These brands are well marketed in fishing magazines, angling conventions and angling competitions. The products are often affordably priced and sold in sets of 12 to 50 lures, available in various designs, shapes and styles.

5 varities of dragonfly bait

The Kinds Of DragonFly Fishing Lures You Can Get Today!

One of the most common types of dragonfly lures today are jigs. They are highly versatile and can catch various types of fish. Jigs are made up of a lead head that is weighted, are quite colorful and can be decorated with hair or feathers.

Another type of dragonfly lure is the soft plastic bait, which is essentially a soft plastic dragonfly with a hook attached to one end. By having realistic decorations, they resemble real dragonflies and encourage fish to bite them. Soft plastic dragonfly lures are ideal for catching bass fish.

dragonfly lure

DragonFly Fishing Lure Conclusion

Dragonflies are commonly found around water bodies during the summer. Thus, they are bound to be popular food for fish that enjoy warm water. The dragonfly lure make it possible to catch fish easily. All you need to know about them is described above. Take along some dragonfly fishing lures on your next expedition!