What Is The Best Bait To Use In The Morning?

The best bait to use in the morning

Fishing is a fun sport that many people enjoy. You can go fishing just about anytime of the day, but mornings often produce more fish. The differences between the times of day comes down to fish. What kind of fish are you fishing for? Today on dragonflylures.com, we are going to learn more about that time of day and what baits work best.

Fishing In The Morning

You might be wondering, why mornings are so productive when it comes to fishing? The answer is really simple when you think about it. Just like us humans, fish like to eat early. The waters are usually calm, no one is around and it gives them the energy they need to make it through the day.

Knowing what kind of fish you are trying to catch is important to know. Certain fish are attracted to specific bait. Whether it be live or artificial it’s important to know these things beforehand.

The “prep game” is important to master when it comes to fishing. The more you prepare before your trip the smoother your fishing experience will go. The bait should be prepped and your tackle box should be full with all the necessaries.

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There Are Several Types of Fishing Bait

While fish are very hungry in the mornings, it does not mean they will strike at anything. So you will need to know which bait is the best for this time of day.

Below is a list of baits that have been successful in the morning hours. Just because you have the correct bait will not mean you will catch fish. Knowing where to cast is also very important.

Using Live Bait

Live bait such as minnows or shrimp are always great for fishing during the start of the day. While they are also great during other times of the day, they really work well in the morning.

Even in low light conditions, fish can smell live bait from a great distance. Their natural movement sends vibrations in the water that fish are attracted to.

Knowing where to put your hook into the bait without killing it is clutch. There is a specific way to insert the hook into your bait that will keep it alive and swimming so that it can attract your catch. Follow “How to” videos online or ask a professional for some assistance before heading out.

Topwater Lures´╗┐

One of the best fishing baits to use in the mornings are topwater lures. In the mornings, the sun’s exposure is at a minimum. Because of this, fish like to feed upward. This gives them an advantage over their prey by being able to strike from below.

A topwater lure is the perfect bait during these situations. There are many different brands of topwater lures on the market so it will be easy to find one that works for you. Bright colors seem to do better than dull colors during the mornings. So pick a topwater lure that is vibrant.


As we have stated above, you are dealing with low light conditions in the mornings. To combat this problem, you will need a bait that is bright and shiny. One of the best baits that fit both of these qualities is spinnerbaits.

These baits are highly attractive to fish that are in feeding mode. This makes them one of the best baits to use in the early morning hours. Make sure you know how to reel the artificial bait in so you can attract the fish to your line. This is a technique that can be perfected over time.

In Conclusion

Now that you know what type of bait to use in the morning, why not hit the water? During the morning hours, you will catch a lot of fish and have a blast doing so. Remember to have your gear and bait ready to go. The last thing you want to do is preparation work when you’re already on the water.