What is Surf Fishing?

fishing poles at the pier!

Also known as beach fishing, surf fishing refers to the process of fishing while located on the shoreline. The person fishing stays on the shore and casts their line and bait into the water. This type of fishing is mostly done on large water bodies that contain salt water. With this type if fishing, stronger and longer casting rods are used.

They should be able to withstand the pressure that comes with the surf and the long distance. It also requires great fishing skills since it doesn’t involve getting into the water. The long distance can be challenging to novice fishermen which is why experience is important with surf fishing.

The rods for this technique has to be between 7 feet to 18 feet long and the reels also has to be a bigger size than other reels used in other forms of fishing. Lures and baits for surf fishing are also of varied sizes and weight.

This type of fishing has been divided into other forms such as extreme surf fishing and beach casting which are practiced in different parts of the world. Surf fishing has been practiced since the 1990s and has continued to gain popularity over the years. For best surf fishing rods, take a look at our main article!

Types of Fish to Catch

1. Redfish

These fish are available in different varieties such as Puppy Drum, Spot Tale and Bull Red among others and are usually found in warm bodies of water. They have a distinctive jaw structure and copper color that puts them in the same category as Catfish and gives them their name respectively.

2. Fluke

Fluke fish and Flounders are the types of fish that swim sideways. They are called flat fish due to the fact that they lay on their side with one eye facing downwards and the other facing the top when swimming.

3. Snook

They have a distinctive black line running on their sides and very sharp gill plates. They also have silver scales and are known to put up a fight when caught.

4. Bluefish

These types of fish thrive in the middle of the ocean. They are not too close to the bottom or to the shore. They are found in subtropical water bodies and are known by different names in different parts of the world. For example, in South Africa they are known as Elf and in Australia they are called Tailor.


Surf fishing is fun as a sport but can also be used for sustenance fishing. Other types of fish that can be caught with this technique include Tarpon, Pompano, Weakfish and Black Drum among others.