What is Spin Fishing?

If you are into fishing, then you have probably heard of spin fishing. However, there are many people who have never heard the term before. If you are someone who is just learning about the different types of fishing and want to know more about spin fishing, then keep reading.

This article will discuss the definition of Spin Fishing. It will also discuss the origin of Spin Fishing, what areas are good for Spin Fishing, what type of bait is used to lure fish to strike and what particular type of fish are spin fishermen trying to catch?

As you learn more about spin fishing, you will probably be so comfortable with understanding it, that you will want to give it a try. Vintage lures can be found here.

Spin Fishing Basics: 101 -So, What Is Spin Fishing?!

Spin Fishing is an angled technique of fishing where the bait or lure is spinning on the fishing rod’s hook to entice the fish to strike. The Spin fisherman can use either the open faced reel or the closed face reel.

Spin Fishing can be done in either freshwater areas or a marine type habitat. The Spin fishing rod has no trigger attached to its base.

The angling technique in Spin Fishing is called Bottom Bouncing where the spinner is cast upriver and then allowed to bounce until it makes its way downstream.

The Origin of Spin Fishing

While experts have difficulty in saying specifically when Spin Fishing was created, they do know that it has been around for more than one hundred years. Spin Fishing became popular and more widespread following World War II.

The Best Location for Spin Fishing

Spin Fishing can be done in the US, Western Europe and Asia where the freshwater Zander and Walleye can be found. It can also be done in shallow, weedy places within lakes and reservoirs which is where the Pike fish can be found.

The Pike fish are also found in colder climates where clear rocky waters are present. The seasons of Summer, Autumn and Spring are when the spin fishermen truly come out for catching Pike and Zander. Experts say that around late April is when the fish are in most abundance and can be much more easily caught.

What Type Of Bait Is Used For Spin Fishing?

The types of bait used for Spin Fishing are lures, spinners and spoons. However, the spinner bait is a combination of spinners and lures. The bait is supposed to simulate prey fish that are eaten by the types of fish being caught during your Spin Fishing excursion.

While there are thousands of varieties of bait for the spin fisherman to try on his hook, the effectiveness of the bait or lure will depend upon its weight, color and the action of the lure.

What Type of Fish Are Spin Fishermen Trying to Catch?

The two most common types of fish that are sought out by the Spin Fisherman are Pike and Zander. It is still a mystery to experts why the spinning lure attracts these two types of particular fish.

The Pike and Zander fish are known as predatory fish and will look for prey fish to strike. Also, bass is something that is now being caught with the Spin Fishing technique.

Hopefully this guide about Spin Fishing has helped you feel a little more comfortable for your first Spin Fishing excursion. Remember when it comes to Spin Fishing to do it in Summer or Autumn months.

Also remember that late April is the best time for catching Pike and Zander in abundance. You can use either the lure, spinner or spoon for Spin Fishing. Keep in mind that much of the Pike you may be looking for will be found in colder climates where there are clear and rocky waters.

The Spin Fisherman can use either the open faced reel or the closed face reel. All of these tips and advice should help you with Spin Fishing and in getting you started as a great Spin Fisherman.