What Country Fishes the Most

Which Country Fishes the most?

A lot of people around the world fish. In fact, fish is a major part of many people’s diet. Have you ever wondered which country fishes the most? If you have, then you have come to the right place. Today, Dragonflylures.com is exploring the countries who catch the most fish.

Fishing in China

Hands down, the people of China fish the most. With a massive population, China is the world’s top consumer of fish. This impressive nation eats more than two million tons of fish each year! China has a huge fishing industry that is spread across the sea.

They also farm fish in China to make up for what they don’t catch in the ocean. China consumes many different species of fish. The commercial fishing industry in China is booming. However many citizens of China also enjoy the sport of fishing. While sportfishing is not as popular in China, it is catching on quickly.

Fishing in Myanmar 

The second country that fishes the most is Myanmar. This once war-torn nation is starting to rebuild. The fishing industry here is making a comeback, and many people in the country also like to fish for fun. The people of Myanmar consume on average 1,500,000 tons of fish each year. Just like China, people in this country like to eat many different types of fish.

The country is blessed with rich rivers and has a coastline. The waters of Myanmar are loaded with different fish species. This country is also a very popular destination for sport fishing.

Fishing charters can be arranged to give you access to the ocean. Here you will have the chance to catch Blue Marlin, Doggy Tuna, Yellow Fin Tuna, Sailfish, and many more!

Fishing in Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country with a ton of fishing opportunities. This country consumes more than 1,100,000 tons of fish each year. Vietnam has a huge coastline, making it easy for residents to enjoy surf fishing. The commercial fishing industry is highly advanced in Vietnam, and they have many fleets of fishing vessels.

Sportfishing is growing in popularity in the nation, and many fishing guide companies are starting to popup. The mighty Mekong River flows through the country offering ample sport fishing opportunities.

Some of the popular fish caught in this river are catfish, carp, pike, trout, and many more. If you have never fished the Mekong River, you should really do so. This river is teeming with huge fish that are super fun to catch!

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Final Thoughts

These are the top three countries that people fish the most. Each of these countries consumes fish on a daily bases. Commercial fishing in these Asian countries is very huge and the industry feeds millions of people across the region and the world.

Sportfishing is starting to become very popular in these nations. They have plenty of rivers and coastlines for sport fishermen to enjoy. So if you want to try something a little different, why not take a trip to one of these amazing Asian nations?