8 Common Trout Species

rainbow trout

Trout are freshwater fish commonly found in cool and clear waters. However, others like sea trout do migrate into the sea to look for food but do swim back to freshwater to spawn and then go back. To fishermen trout are prized game fish and also great food.

Most trout fishes are grown in hatcheries and then later transferred to rivers or lakes that have the necessary conditions for their survival. You can find best trout fishing lures for sale here.

There are tons of different types of trout fish that are grouped into three main genera, the Oncorhynchus, Salvelinus and the Salmo. Most trout fish found in the Oncorhynchus genera do have black or red spots on a lighter colored body. While those grouped in the Salvelinus genera do have red or cream spots on a darker body.

Below are some trout species and their descriptions:

#1. Brown Trout

Popular among many fishermen, the brown trout is originally from Europe but can be found all over the world. They like hiding under large rocks or any large submerged objects like fallen logs. The color of their skin and black spots makes them easily identifiable from other types of trout.

#2. Brook Trout

A member of the char family, the brook trout is a native of North America. It is one of the most good looking trouts due to its beautiful colors. They are mostly found in North American clear and cool waters.

#3. Rainbow Trout

Just like its name suggests the rainbow trout is characterized by a stretch of “rainbow” colors on both sides of it’s body. They like jumping in and out of the water and are considered to be fighters and hard to catch.

Even though the rainbow trout can now be found all over the world they were originally from north America and Asia. They can survive well in large and small rivers and lakes.

#4. Cutthroat Trout

It may be difficult to identify a cutthroat because there are several subspecies that look like other trout species. However, one common feature in cutthroat trout is the red or orange color found under the lower jaw and more black spots towards the tail than the upper body.

They can found in small to relatively large shallow rivers.

#5. Lake Trout

Lake trout are freshwater fish commonly found in North America lakes mostly in Canada. They are also called Mackinaw, Lake char and many more. They are the largest of all the chars and one can weigh up to 40 kg and lengths of up to 130 cm.

#6. Dolly Varden Trout

Also among the char family the dolly varden trout is considered as a close relative of the brook trout. Natives of the pacific ocean and its tributaries around Asia and America.

#7. Bull Trout

The bull trout is a char family and is considered an endangered species. Their population has reduced over the years due to destruction of their habitat, overfishing and competition from other fish. The bull trout mostly like very cool and very healthy waters.

#8. Gila Trout

The Gila trout is one of the rares trouts and is in fact considered as an endangered species too. This can be as a result of destruction of their habitat, increased competition from other fish and also hybridization with other exotic fish such as rainbow trout.

Because of this they are being bred under protection.