Trout Fishing in California: Our Top 6 List!

Trout fishing also known as fly fishing is an angling method in which artificial fly is used to catch a fish.

California is also considered as one of the best states for trout fishing. These trout destinations in California have been providing great angling action.

Places for trout fishing vary according to the season. According to research, the best trout fishing places in California in winter are Lake Almanor, New Melones Reservoir, and Crowley Lake. For best trout fishing lures, consider our list here.

6 Best Trout Fishing Spots In California:

Let’s continue with our list of top trout fishing spots in California:

#1. Lake Almanor

Lake Almanor is tucked away near the headwaters of the Feather River in Northern California’s, considered as one of the best and thrilling trout fishing destination.

Lake Almanor is Situated at 4,500 feet in a conifer-studded valley and framed by views of Lassen Peak. Almanor is home to monster trout. It’s a challenging trout destination.

Anglers boat browns that run 4 to 9 pounds and rainbows that average 3 and range up to 6. Variety of trout can be caught here. In a nutshell, the first hurdle for aspiring Almanor trouters is finding fish.

#2. New Melones Reservoir

New Melones Reservoir is situated just outside Angels Camp. This place boots out some impressive browns. But still, catching browns is not easy since they are the hardest of all trout.

Anglers still catch browns here as this is also among one of the good places for trout fishing.

#3. Crowley Lake

trout fishing lures

Crowley Lake is one of the jewels for trout fishing. Crowley is one of the best fishery. Trollers score with a long list of standard trout lures at Crowley, including Rapalas, Needlefish. Trout can be caught over 4 pounds.

Many anglers and fishers go to Crowley Lake for trout fishing as it is a jewel for trout fishing.

California is also famous for trout fishing in spring. Top 3 best places for trout fishing in California in spring are Deer Creek, Middle Fork American Lake and East Walker Lake.

#4. Deer Creek

Deer Creek is a destination for trout fishing in California in a season of spring. Deer Creek springs flow for about 60 miles before it reaches the first diversion dam on its waters less than 10 miles from where it meets with the Sacramento River.

Deer Creek is a small river with an ample flow all spring, and it should not be confused with spring creek. Here salmon can be caught while fishing the lower stretch of creek and it is also one of the best places for trout fishing in duration from April to November.

#5. Middle Fork American Lake

Middle Fork American Lake is the sleeper of Sierra sleepers when it comes to trout fishing. It is a wild trout fishing area. Middle American start in the
Sierra’s Granite Chief Wilderness and flows into a westerly direction.

The flow of this river in the spring is very high, so people should be aware of it. In this river, anglers and fishers can catch a variety of fishes for their food including insects, small trout, salamanders and crawfish.

This area is best for trout fishing in a season of spring and early summer.

#6. East Walker Lake

Eastern Sierras are home to a long list of fabled trout waters and what could be the best place for this other than East Walker Lake.

East Walker flows out of Bridgeport Reservoir and ends into Nevada. In the early spring season, nymphs with the size of 6 to 10 stone fly can be caught along with average size fish that exist in this lake for trout fishing.

In a nutshell, all the places defined above are on the top of the list of the places that are best for trout fishing in California in the seasons of winter and spring.