Night Fishing Vs Day Fishing

Night fishing vs day fishing

While you can fish just about any time of the day, the best time to fish is completely up to the angler. There are a few different factors to consider when figuring out what time works best . Some believe that fishing at night is the best while others love to do their fishing during the day.

Today, we are going to learn more about this and find out which time might be right for you. Also, make sure what are illegal fish to catch first.

Day Time Fishing Facts

First, we will learn more about fishing during the day. Daytime fishing normally starts in the early morning hours. Also known as dusk, this is the time when most fish are feeding. This is the perfect time to catch nice sized bass and other predatory fish.

As the day wears on, some fish stop feeding and go to deeper levels. During the summer months, very hot days can have a negative effect on fishing. The water is much cooler the deeper it gets so you may have to use weights or be skilled enough to know where to cast your bait.

However, some fish are still active during this time and there are plenty to catch if you know what you’re doing. Daytime fishing is the most popular type of fishing because it’s easier and people love to be out in the sun. The only problem with this is the competition. Knowing where the fish are is the key to being successful. PS. Learn about ocean vs rainbow trouts here!

PROS – Day Time Fishing

  • You can see much better
  • Fish often feed in the early morning hours
  • Many artificial baits are designed for daytime use
  • Less traffic; easy access to the water
  • It is easier to fish during the day.

CONS – Day Time Fishing

  • The fishing area may be crowded
  • Fish are less active when the sun heats up the water temperature
  • Sunburn is a real issue when day fishNow let’s talk about night fishing.

Night Time Fishing Facts

Night fishing is extremely fun and can also be extremely dangerous if you do no know what you’re doing. During the nighttime hours, your competition on the water is very little. Depending on the location you choose to fish. There are some really great deep sea fishing tours that are available to take.

These tours take all the worry away by doing the work for you. You show up with your gear and they will get you to the right place to cast your bait. If you decide to night fish on your own always be cautious of your surroundings. Research the area in the day time so you can be aware of the land before heading out under the moon light.

PROS – Night Time Fishing

  • Not many people to compete with at night
  • The sun is down and the weather is much nicer
  • Many fish feed at night

CONS – Night Time Fishing

  • Less Fish Activity
  • You’re off regular functioning hours. You may get sleepy
  • Dangers due to less visibility

Which Is The Better Time?

So which is the better time to fish? The truth is, it is really up to you. Depending on the type of fish you are going after, night fishing might be your best option.

However, if you love to catch fish that are active during the day like bass, you might want to avoid going out at night. Either way, it is really up to your own personal needs. But I suggest that you try both just so you have the knowledge firsthand.