Live Bait or Artificial Bait: Which One is Better?

When it comes to choosing whether to use live bait or artificial lures, experienced anglers will tell you that both are useful only that the fishing situation matter.

There are times when using live baits will help you more and times when artificial lures will give you more benefits. In this article, we are going to compare the two and see the main differences between them. If you’re looking for old fishing lures, we have a detailed article.

The Cost of Bait

The cost is the main feature that differentiates the two. As compared to artificial lures, live baits tend to be more cost-effective since if you get a good net, you can use it for years without having to replace it and sometimes you can make your own net and save some cash.

On the other hand, you’ll be forced to replace one or two things on artificial lures on every fishing trip, and there are always new designs and colors to try.

Size of the Fish

Another difference is the size and type of fish you intend to catch with your fishing gear. If you intend to catch those lunkers, monster mogans and world record fish, then you have a better chance of using live bait. If you want both big and small fish and you prefer those slot fish, then artificial lures are what you should go for.

So, if you’re targeting big fish, live bait should be your choice, however, if you want to catch smaller types of fish, artificial lures are what you should go for. Also, catching a large number of fish with live bait is going to take you longer time as compared to the time you’ll take when you use artificial lures.


If you want to conserve fish, live bait will not be a good choice since any type of live bait fishing must kill the fish in order to catch them. You can’t help but wonder how many fish die on the way as you try to catch bigger ones.

Artificial lures don’t help much either when it comes to conservation because most of the time, anglers leave behind hooks, plastic worms and plugs that find their way back to the ocean, lakes or rivers.

Ease of Use

Live baits are easy to use, and any angler can learn how to drop, squid and shrimp down to the bottom and catch enough fish. Using artificial lures, however, requires some skills.

You must learn to cast at the right spot, twitch a jig correctly off the bottom and feed frenzy and this takes some learning and practice time.


Both artificial lures and live bait have their merits and demerits. You should learn and familiarize yourself with how each of them works so that you know which one to use in different situations.