Koi Fish: Do People Catch Them?

Koi Fish Do People Catch them

Koi fish are a type of Asian carp that was discovered back in the 1600’s by Chinese fishermen. They were immediately noticed for their unique colors and size. However, the main colors were white, black, red, and blue.

Subsequently, Japan exclusively began breeding koi fish and created multiple rainbow colors. In the 1900s, other countries started following suit and began breeding them. These countries included Europe, the UK, and the US. How to read a fishing lake without electronics may be of interest to you as well!

Koi Fish Became Very Popular

Since the 1900s, koi fish have been excessively bred by private parties or companies. Their unique look and temperament caught the attention of wealthy business men. Soon, Koi ponds became a trend in private homes and businesses.

The fish are not native to the United States; however, you can find them in private ponds and lakes. There are some areas in Arizona or Texas that wild koi have been spotted.  There’s been a report of hundreds of Koi showing up in Colorado. How they came to be in these areas is not certain. It’s been said that someone dumped their domestic fish into the water.

Wild Koi Fish

Typically, the fish you find in larger bodies of water have been introduced by hatcheries or private owners that released them into the wild. The wild koi fish can get to 36 inches long. They are bottom feeders, so typically they munch on the algae and plants at the bottom of the pond. Additionally, they eat bugs, insects, and people’s food.    

Is There Such a Thing as Koi Fishing?  

Initially finding a koi pond in your city can be difficult. You can use social media or web searches to gain this information. Since koi are sociable fish, they may swim around in groups and stick their heads up to the surface of the water. Some say it’s too easy to catch Koi. I guess depends on the day!

Koi fishing is not illegal in the United States. Many states allow public ponds for private fishing or tournaments. Maine is the only state that koi is strictly forbidden. You cannot own, buy, sell or maintain any type of koi fish in that state.

You can use a reel and rod or try fly fishing to catch these huge creatures. The kind of bait depends on the angler. Some have used bread, hotdogs or artificial lures. There’s been stories of being successful with all of the above.

Do People Eat Koi?

In the beginning, the Chinese fisherman would sell the koi for food. Once the breeding and genetic engineering of the colors became popular, the fish was used for decorative purposes only. While wild fish can still be eaten in most parts of the world. It is recommended to not eat koi fish in the United States.

Most of the breeders use chemicals through the process to obtain the bright colors. Since the fish are released into larger ponds and lakes by breeders, they could contain the chemicals.

It’s been said that most fish have some amounts of chemicals in their body. In moderation, I believe it is okay to consume any type of fish. The non poisonous kinds, of course!