What is the Chattahoochee Bass?

Chattahoochee Bass

Fishing is in various water basins is done for a number of reasons. However, mainly this is an economic activity despite the fact it might also be a way of spending your leisure time.

The activity provides one with the chance of fishing different kinds of fish including the Chattahoochee Bass. It is one of the intrinsic basses you can ever come around. In fact, most people look forward to fishing it due to its uniqueness. You can take a look at our early spring lures here.

Below are some of the reasons that make this bass very unique from the others:

  • Its second anal, caudal and dorsal fins have brighter orange and red coloring on the outside. This is something that is not evident on other species of the bass. That is why it stands out from the rest. In fact, their bright coloration makes it impossible for the Chattahoochee bass to be mistaken for other bass species.
  • A crawfish pattern will make it easier for you to catch some Chattahoochee bass. You can also use a dropper/hopper but that will not be very efficient.
  • Rocky shoals are the perfect habitat. The Chattahoochee survives well in a unique habitat made of rocky shoals. Such a place will be highly dominated by this native bass species making it a better target for you to fish from.
  • Winter is the perfect fishing season. If you really want to catch some Chattahoochee bass you will have to plan. First ensure it is winter, to increase your chances of ever catching this rare species of Bass.
  • Always swimming against the water current. The Chattahoochee bass likes swimming in moving water. Such waters serve them with a perfect chance of feeding on baitfish, insects, and crayfish. In case you want to catch it then target moving water.

It is very obvious that the Chattahoochee bass is a very unique species that comes from the Shoal bass family. This has made it very interesting for one to go out fishing for this fish species.

However, as you plan on catching it, there are a number of factors you need to put into consideration. These factors will come in handy in allowing you to have a very exciting and easier fishing process.

Below are some of the factors you seriously need to put into consideration:


It will be of much benefit for you to go out fishing during the winter. This season provides conducive conditions for you to catch several Chattahoochee basses.

Moving water is the best

Chattahoochee bass love swimming against the current. This means it will be better if you placed your angler in moving water to increase your chances of catching one.

Type of fishing reel

The fishing reel you use should be of the best quality. It has to be sturdy and not easily prone to corrosion or rust. These characteristics will prevent any chances of your fishing reel breaking while fishing.


No doubt this is a very rare type of the bass fish family you can ever come across. It has unique features that set it apart from other bass species. Its uniqueness just makes it more interesting to go fishing for this shoal bass.