Catching Smallmouth Bass On A Hawaiian Island…

Catching Smallmouth Bass On Hawaiian Island

When people think about fishing in Hawaii, they immediately think about fishing on the ocean and the ocean shores. What most people don’t know is that there are more than 400 rivers and streams in Hawaii where people can fish. For best trout fishing spots in California, take a look at our suggestions!

About The North Fork Of The Wailua

Among these rivers is the North Fork of the Wailua.This river is located in Kauai County in the state of Hawaii. It is the 3rd largest river in Hawaii. It is located just a couple of miles from Wailua. The river hosts activities such as fishing and kayaking.

The locals of Hawaii have fished on Hawaiian rivers for generations. However, the Hawaii people only got to fish on native species of fish such as o’opu, aholehole, and mullet. The species of fish that currently inhabit the river were introduced from other areas of the world.

These fish include smallmouth bass, tucunare, channel catfish and largemouth bass. Smallmouth bass have thrived in this river. This makes the North Fork of the Wailua one of the best spots in the world to fish for smallmouth bass.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing On The North Fork Of The Wailua

Fishing for smallmouth bass on the North Fork of the Wailua is an awesome and rewarding activity since many people do not come to fish here. It is sort of an oasis for smallmouth bass fishing.

You are almost guaranteed to catch yourself a few smallmouth bass when you fish at the North Fork of the Wailua. The smallmouth bass here are big fish. Your catch will most probably weigh above 3 pounds which is big for smallmouth bass.

The excellent Hawaiian weather allows for smallmouth bass fishing all year round. However, make sure you check with the Local Fisheries Department to confirm that the area is open for public fishing.

The best time for fishing is when the fish are spawning. During this time, fish gather along the banks of the river to mate. It is very easy to spot where the fish are spawning due to the crystal clear water of the river. This will make it easy for you to catch a fish even if you are an amateur angler.

There are many ways to catch fish on the North Fork of the Wailua. You can use lures such as spinners, spoons, plugs, and poppers to catch smallmouth bass. You can also choose to have a bit of fun and wade into the water to catch some more fish.

Even though a lot of fishing doesn’t occur on the North Fork, the river can get a bit crowded during fishing season. You have to be diligent enough to rise up early to get the best fishing spots.

The early bird gets the worm is a perfect saying when it comes to fishing here. Data shows that the best time to fish on the North Fork Wailua is between 4 am and 6 am.

Fishing then drops off after 6 am and then picks up a little between 9 am and 11 am. From 11 am, the chances of you catching smallmouth bass are little. Invest in your mornings if you want to catch a lot of fish.