10 Best Trout Fishing Lures To Reel In Your Next Big Catch!

Trout fishing is a long-standing American tradition. Anglers across North America collectively contribute to what is the 4th most popular form of fishing within the region.

In order to catch the best trout – the ones that have grown the most and are the tastiest – you need to know which types of specific trout lures to use.

There is quite a bit of equipment that anglers will need to use when fishing around the Pacific Ocean and West Coast, like the speckled trout lures. Consider picking up the following best lures for trout before the next time you go out fishing for trout.

Best Trout Lures For Your Next Big Trout Catch

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#1. Acme Kastmaster

#1 on our best trout fishing lures for sale list: The metallic and rounded Acme Kastmaster trout lure can cover quite a distance for such a small fishing lure. The Kastmasater can go up to a mile in distance and is ideal for large bodies of water when you are trying to cover large distances.

Acme makes two different color versions and three different sizes of the Kastmaster. The first color is silver, and the second color is a silver/blue combination. The first size starts at 1/12 oz. and then increase to 1/8 oz. and then up to 1/4 oz.

For fishing for larger trout, such as the steelhead, consider upgrading to 3/8 to ensure your lure lasts for these large fish. There’s a reason this made our #1 option for best lures for trout fishing!

#2. Acme Little Cleo Trout Lure

The green and white painted Acme Little Cleo is one of the best trout fishing lures spoon. With the metallic and shiny casing, the hammered Little Cleo trout fishing lures will sparkle in the water. This will surely catch the attention of the trout which are swimming by the lure.

This trout lure is also versatile across different types of bodies of water. Whether you are using it in deep and open waters or casting it across some ripples in a smaller body of water, you will surely be noticed by the trout you hope to catch.

#3. Mepps Little Wolf

The shiny and triangular shaped Mepps Little Wolf #3 on our best trout lures list! features a silver body with reverse curves etched into the sides of this lure spoon. When light reflects or bounces off of this lure, it is sure to yield intense flashing and catch the attention of the nearby trout.

This trout lure also maintains strong balance and is not susceptible to a great deal of back-and-forth movement. This size and weight ensures good retrieval speeds over many types of ranges.

Consider using this lure when coupled with a line of 2-4 pounds and tackle as well. This lure is very easy for novices and beginning anglers alike to hook and reel, making it a favorite for kids and new anglers and considered one of the best trout lures on the market.

#4. Berkley Gulp! Trout Worm Trout Fishing Lure

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Known for their unmistakable light green color and long body, the Berkley Gulp! Trout Worm stands out in any tackle box. The Berkely Gulp! Worm is very buoyant in all bodies of water and is loaded with a 100% natural Berkley Gulp! scent attraction designed to lure trout of all types to your line.

Designed to look like a real worm but more attractive to trout fish, theses Berkley Trout worms work well with 3 way rigs, floating rigs, scaled-down drop-shots, or other types of lines as well.

#5. Lindy Fuzz-E Grub

Lindy Fuzz-E Grub best trout lures is a very colorful trout fishing lure with a fuzzy tail, hence where its name is derived. The lure has a plastic body with very animal-like qualities. The marabou, furry tail further enhances the lure and is designed to attract all types of trout.

Because of the yellow and black colors making up the eye on the jig and due to its placement above the marabou tail, this lure is designed to encourage the trout to eat the whole bait up to the eye. This lure would make a great addition to any tackle box.

#6. Mepps Aglia-Spinnerbait

A simple and efficient lure, the Mepps Aglia-Spinnerbait trout fishing lure is another great addition to an angler’s tackle box. Adored with gold blades and four sizes, from 0 to 3, the Mepps Aalgia-Spinnerbait is a staple for the tackle box.

With red, gold and white, the metallic gold casing and red stripes in between will flicker to attract the trout and has strong hooking power as well.

#7. Smithwick Rattlin’ Rogue Best Trout Lures

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The Smithwick Rattlin’ Rogue speckled trout lures is one of the most realistic and life-like lures on the market. Its shiny outside is designed to flicker as the lure moves back and forth and then can also stand motionless in the water.

This tactic is pivotal for strike-triggering, and the lure’s neutral level of buoyancy allows it to stay still or move out of the way upon a twitch. This adds to its life-like qualities.

The Rattlin’ Rogue is also armed with internal noisemakers which further contributes to the lure as an excellent choice for anglers. Good option for one of the best lures for trout.

#8. Rapala Original-Floating Minnow

Another fan-favorite and #8 on our best trout lures list, is the Rapala Original Floating Minnow trout lure. Designed to look like a minnow, Rapala makes several colored lures for this type, including gold, rainbow, and silver.

The lure also comes in different sizes depending on the type of trout fish you are looking to catch. This type of lure has been around for decades and is tried and tested. For a lure you know you can trust, the Rapala Original Floating Minnow makes as one of the best trout lures a fisherman can own!

#9. Rebel Wee-Craw

For a specked trout lure designed to imitate a crawfish, look no further than the Rebel Wee-Craw. This lure can reach a distance of 5-7 feet and is two-inches long and looks almost exactly like the sea creature it’s modeled after.

From its tail to its claws, the Rebel Wee-Craw is a necessity for drawing trout to your line and is considered one of the best lures for trout!

#10. Worden’s Rooster Tail

A great selection for our best lures for trout collection list!

Every tackle box needs some rooster tails. Worden’s Rooster Tail is a staple and best lure for trout fishing. Worden makes several different colored options, namely black, white and yellow. The silvery detail and furry tail makes this lure an attractive one for trout passing through the waters.

Arm Yourself with the Best Trout Lures for Success

The best fishers are the ones who build out a plan, study the environments, know the fish within the ecosystem, and can adapt to new fishing trends and patterns. It is important to have several different lures to rely on, especially lures you know the fish in your area will be attracted to.

Trout in different rivers, lakes, or oceans have different preferences about what will draw them to your lure. Armed with one of these best trout fishing lures for sale, you are well on your way to catching your next trout trophy fish this year!