5 Best Bass Fishing Lakes in Texas

Texas state is one of the largest states in America, and it is famous for bass fishing activities due to its great features. There are many big lakes in Texas well known for excellent bass fishing which attract fishers from any parts of the world.

One thing that makes Texas lakes be the best for bass fishing is that the water in these lakes is fertile where many fish species like baitfish, crawfish are in plenty attracting bass palate.

Bass fishing games are also top-rated in Texas with many events and sports organizers preferring different parts of Texas lakes as the place for their activities. If you are searching for fishing lures for largemouth fish, take a look at our top bass lures list.

Although there are many spots in Texas that bass fishing takes place, not all are popular; let’s look at some of the best bass fishing lakes in Texas:

#1. Lake Amistad

Lake Amistad is located in Rio Grande River and northwest of Del Rio in Val Verde County with surface areas of approximately 64,900 acres.

Lake Amistad is well known for bass fishing and attracts many fishers as bass fish like largemouth, smallmouth, and white, and hybrid striped bass other species like catfish are also present.

The best times for fishing is during winter and springs as largemouth bass are more active in cooler weather making it easier and exciting to fish at this time.

#2. Lake Travis

Lake Travis is located in Colorado River covering Burnet and Travis counties, and it has a surface area of about 18,622 acres with an estimated depth of 190 ft.

Largemouth and white bass are in plenty in this lake making it attractive for bass fishing and an excellent destination for family fishing. Night fishing is common in this lake mostly for white bass which is common in the lower part of the lake.

#3. Lake Palestine

Lake Palestine is located northwest of Tyler on Niches River with a surface area of about 25,560 acres and a depth of approximately 58 ft. The common species found on this lake are largemouth bass, white and striped bass, catfish and bluegill.

The lake attracts many fishing tournaments mostly famous due to largemouth bass fishing. Other species like catfish and crappie also attract many fishers in this lake.

#4. Lake Falcon

Lake Falcon is located in Zapata along the border of Texas and Mexico and is well known for largemouth bass fishing.

Although the lake experienced some dry spell which significantly reduced the level of water currently the lake has experienced an influx of largemouth bass fish, and it is one of the most significant sources of these fish in the country.

The lake receives large numbers of anglers who flock the area with the biggest attraction being the quality of largemouth bass and brutish bass.

#5. Toledo bend reservoir

Toledo bend is vast and significant spreading across Texas into Louisiana, and it is prevalent for the high quality of bass fish.

A large number of fishers visit this area throughout as there is plenty of bass fish. The lake is also good for family and recreation fishing as well as professional fisher visit this lake.


Bass fishing may sometimes be very frustrating, and a person planning to go for fishing should get a guide who may assist in giving tips of the best spot to fish. The weather pattern of a place is vital, and one should consider choosing the best time to go for bass fishing.