Antique Fishing Lures: 14 Famous Vintage Fishing Lures!

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Let’s jump right into the list of most well known vintage fishing lures. After all, that’s why you’re here, right? Here we go…

The Fortune Behind the Antique Fishing Lures

The old, vintage fishing lures today are fetching a good price in the auctions proving that they were not only valuable but also greatly designed and considered as trophies in the modern day. Could this be a call to go through your garage again? Perhaps your grandfather or your great grandfather owned antique wooden fishing lures and you’d like to see if these vintage lures can fetch you a pretty penny or few?!

Below are 14 famous antique fishing lures:

#1. The Heddon Frog

This Heddon antique fishing lures frog is one of the most valuable antique fishing lures for sale. It was created in the 1800 by James Heddon. He was a known honey seller who would give the honey distributors this frog as a way to make them buy his honey.

The Heddon Frog is carved by hand with black eyes, legs and a mouth where the line tie was. On each lay a hook. Another hook hangs from its belly. The frog looks real and is valued at around 30, 000 dollars. Talk about one of the most infamous Heddon antique fishing lures!

#2. The Moonlight

The Moonlight vintage fishing lure was created in 1913 and is considered as among the most antique fishing lures for sale that ever existed. It has a white circular part and red body. The moonlight is designed to look like the moon but with a front that narrowed behind the circular part.

It is propelled by two hooks attached on its front. It is estimated at around 10,000 dollars in auctions.

#3. Flying Hellgrammite

This 1883 antique fishing lure was made by Harry Comstock. It is a sinking lure that was created in New York, where Harry lived. Through time, another creator, Pflueger, created a Hellgrammite similar to Comstock, thus when Comstock sued for design infringement, this vintage fishing lure became popular.

#4. Pflueger Flying Hellgrammite Vintage Fishing Lure

This was the vintage fishing lure created by Pflueger that resembled Comstock’s Hellgrammite. Pflueger was head of Enterprise Manufacturing Company. He created a fishing lure that was similar in design with that of Comstock, leading to the suing. His fishing lure is estimated at 10,000 dollars.

#5. Heddon Night Radiant

This is one of the most unique Heddon antique fishing lures, estimated at 10,000 dollars. The Night Radiant is among the many creations by Heddon, with it being created in 1912. It is a top water plug that is slender at the back and with a bloated head.

This Heddon antique fishing lures Night Radiant is colored with a luminous paint with a black stripe running from its nose to its tail. The hooks were attached to its head.

#6. Heddon Dowagiac Minnow

Like most of these vintage fishing lures, the Dowagiac Minnow is valued at 10,000 dollars and was created by Heddon. The name given to it was where Heddon lived at the time, Dowagiac. It was however, made in more than one model.

These Heddon antique fishing lure models are about fifteen with each consisting of three to five treble hooks. This antique fishing lure was created in 1930 but introduced in 1904.

#7. Shakespeare New Albany Bait

This is a 1913 antique fishing lure with the length of five and a half inches. Its body is red and the rest is red and is designed to bear five hooks. As the name suggests, Shakespeare was their creator.

#8. Krantz and Smith Chautauqua Minnow

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This is an antique fishing allure valued at 12,000 dollars. Its creators were Krantz and Smith who argued that the bait did not catch any fish. Even with this argument, people still came forth to purchase it.

The fact that it did not catch any fish, made the numbers produced few, thus it became rare and the prices went up, making it one of the most sought after vintage fishing lures! In America, it was the first to be advertised as weedless. The minnow was made in 1908 and is three and a half inches long

#9. Heddon Underwater Expert Old Fishing Lure

Heddon can be considered as one of the people that made the most antique fishing lures for sale! The Heddon antique fishing lure Underwater Expert was created in 1890. It was four and a quarter inches long, with five treble hooks and a propeller at the front. And just like its name suggests, it sinks in water.

#10. Giant Cooper Haskell Giant Minnow Vintage Fishing Lure

This is one of the most valuable antique fishing lures for sale, with the recent auction having sold at over 100,000 dollars. Only one of these types is said to exist.

#11. Pflueger Muskellunge Minnow

This is an 1892 antique fishing lure by Pflueger. It is made of soft rubber with a scale finishing that looks real.

The minnow is also made with metal side wings with a hook on each side and on the tail is a dressed treble hook. It was created for bass fishing and catching Muskie. The minnow vintage fishing lure was created in two versions; luminous and non-luminous.

#12. Lane Automatic Weedless

This is a fishing lure worth about 5000 dollars. It was created by Charles Lane in 1912.

This antique fishing lure has a propeller and fins made out of metal. The water resistance moves the propeller, making the fins go up and down, creating movement.

#13. The Wonder Spoon Vintage Fishing Lure

This was a creation by Anton Lauby in 1935. He had a company based in Marshfield called Wisc. Lauby’s daughter helped paint the spoon. The paint acted as lures that led to catching of fish.

Over time, Lauby even secured patents for the tools he used in making his bait.

#14. Haskell Fish Hook

Photo of a Colorful wobbler on isolated white background

This is an antique fishing lure created by Haskell in 1859. It has a metallic body with scales and fins that are detailed. The tail attached to it revolves and it has hooks at the rear which are dual and turned up. The worth of the Haskell Fish Hook is estimated at 15,000 dollars.


These lures are a treasure today. The makers of these lures, back in the day made several lures, which may have little or no value today, but those with value could be a real treasure.

Their value of the lures is based on various factors like the condition of the lure or how rare they are believed to be.