A Hidden And Flourishing Fishing Hole On The West Boggs Creek Lake

A hidden and flourishing fishing hole on west boggs creek lake

Located in the fine State of Indiana, the West Boggs Creek Lake is truly a hidden but thriving fishing hole. They are above Loogootee on Highway 231. It is a full and prosperous fishing hole that settles on the hills, in the south of Indiana. For awesome trout fishing spots in California, click the link.

It is home to various species of fish, such as crappie and the plentiful bluegills but the bass that reside in the lake is what is the most renowned species of fish.

These recent years, West Boggs had undergone certain changes. The fishery that was once superior has to be reduced over some years back to maintain the population of the gizzard shad but nowadays the lake has been restocked and its submerged biodiversity is returning to its former prestige.

The West Boggs Park offers not just West Boggs Creek Lake. Its size is approximately 1,500 acres and is a campground (especially for those who love the outdoors), rentals for boats and several picnic areas to enjoy the fresh air.

A place to be for those who love fishing or those that just want a fun day basking and playing under the sunshine. 24% of the 1,500 acres of land without any motor size restrictions and, on the main body of water of the lake, has the generous 35 mph speed limit.

Every cove and every inlet are closed off from fishing and other coincided water sport and that means there is always a wide, free room for those whose passions are fishing, water skiers and boaters who just wish to have a pleasurable float.

Be prepared with some cash because there are fees. However, the fee is only for the entrance and renting boats. Their camping grounds offer over two hundred campsites with electricity and running water where they also welcome pets.

Most of the campsites are near the water, allowing you fish without getting onto your boat or at least to enjoy the gorgeous scenery of West Boggs Creek Lake. The sites can be rented by the number of days, weeks or by annually beginning at $25 per night.

Each camping site is only allowed one recreational vehicle and at least two tents and reservations should be made to ensure you have the best spot.

The West Boggs Creek Lake was established in the year 1971 and had thousands of fishermen coming to fish for many decades until the presence of gizzard shads and soon enough the shad was crowding the lake.

The bass started to return, allowing fishing again onto West Boggs Creek Lake and is expected to be booming after a few more years. Bass has been the biggest draw to this lake. If you plan to catch them then the best baits to use are the Jig, Crankbait and the Finesse Worm.

The best time to visit West Boggs Creek Lake would be summer where the sun is shining and some frogs would hop along the shore. It is difficult to get a great spot during the summer, as it is a popular destination for anglers and families alike so booking for reservation is recommended.