5 Helpful Fishing Tips For All Beginners

5 Helpful Fishing Tips for all Beginners

Even though some people love fishing with all of their heart, others would rather be somewhere close to the water just to enjoy the scenery or do something else as long as it’s not fishing. Come to think of it though. What makes people who are passionate about fishing hate it so much after the first try? DragonflyLures.com is here to explore more 😉

Getting Past the Frustration & Keep Trying

Well, the answer is quite obvious; they did it wrong and had a very bad experience. But it doesn’t have to be that way because fishing is an exciting thing to do as long as you’ve got the right tips. Don’t believe it? Check out and use the following tips to enhance your next fishing experience.

Get the right equipment

There is no way you’re ever going to succeed in fishing if you keep using the wrong equipment for the job. You’ll only end up getting frustrated every time you cast the bait.

As such, be sure to get the right rod and reels especially if you’re new to fishing. Open-faced fishing reels, for example, are not suitable for beginners. If you’re not sure of what you should get, be sure to consult an experienced angler for advice.

Keep Your Tacklebox Stocked and Organized

One of the major mistakes that most inexperienced anglers do is not having a complete tackle box when heading out to the waters. Your tackle box should have all the necessary supplies in an organized manner.

The importance of doing do is that it becomes easy to access whatever you need. You’ll also note early enough when you’re out of items such as reels, fishing hooks, and others.

Get the Right Bait

The wrong bait could mean hours of casting bait without any positive results. As such, you should ensure that you have the right bait for the right catch.

You should be aware of the kind of fish you want to catch and the bait that attracts them. Bream fish, for example, prefer insects such as crickets, while catfish respond to raw chicken liver or special bait made for catfish.

Prevent Bait Theft

Bait theft is one of the most frustrating things for beginner anglers, as you keep on losing your bait to fish that never seem to get caught. But hey, here is a secret to turning the table on the bait thieves.

You can consider hooking the bait multiple times if possible, to make it harder for fish to pull it off the hook. If that’s not possible, move the bait closer to the hook’s shaft to increase the chances of getting a bite.

Using a smaller hook can also help, as some of the bait-stealing fish have small mouths which allow them to get the bait off larger hooks. Lastly, switching to a narrower, lighter line can help you feel the slightest tug on the line so that you can set the hook.

Avoid Using Stringers

After getting your catch, you have two options; keep and eat it later or let it go. Most anglers use stringers to keep fish alive so that they can release it after getting a larger catch. Some also prefer using stringers to keep the fish fresh for long if they are going to eat them.

If you’re interested in keeping your fish as fresh as possible before preparing a meal, you should avoid using stringers. Towing your catch around can attract predators, putting you at a higher risk of losing the fish you caught.

Using a stringer can also slow you down if you’re using a kayak. Rather than using stringers, you may want to get a good cooler to help you keep your catch fresh.


Fishing is exciting and rewarding as long as you do things right. Besides, it’s a good way of relaxing and can as such keep you healthier and happier, in addition to giving you the chance to see beautiful sceneries. The above fishing tips should come in handy if you’re new to fishing and would like to be successful in your new hobby.